Built-Up Hoists

VIRGINIA CRANE’S Built-up Trolley Hoists are rugged and custom designed to meet the service and duty requirements of each individual application.

35/7.5 Ton Trolley Hoist (click to see a larger detail)

Trolley Frame: One piece welded structure. Equipment is readily accessible from this upper deck.

Hoist Reducer: Gear case is foot mounted and horizontally split. Helical gears meet AGMA class 12 standards. Shafting is heat treated, high-alloy steel mounted on spherical roller bearings.

Hoist Motor: Standard motor is a foot-mounted Vector motor, blower coded for continuous duty rating with class "H" insulation, thermostats and encoder. Fully flexible geared coupling used at motor output shaft,

Hoist Brake: Shoe brake is foot mounted, designed for 150% full motor torque. Brake shoes are made from non-asbestos materials and are self-aligning.

Hoist Drum: Welded steel construction. Machined right and left hand grooving for true vertical lift. Half-depth grooving is provided for improved wire rope life.

Wire Rope: 6 x 37 IWRC designed for hoisting service. Sized for a 5:1 safety factor.

Lower Block: Heavy, one-piece steel weldment, sheaves are enclosed and fully guarded. Alloy or carbon steel hook is mounted on a roller thrust bearing for 360º rotation. A spring-loaded safety latch is also provided.

Limit Switches: Hoist is provided with a weight operated upper limit and a rotary upper & lower geared limit switch.  

Trolley Trucks: Rotating axle wheels supported on spherical roller bearings mounted in modified MCB housings. Fabricated structural box sections. wheels are C1045 steel and flame hardened to 425 BHN. Lubrication fittings, rail sweeps and bumpers are provided.

15 Ton Built-Up Trolley Hoist:
Dual Drum with Rotating Deck Trolley CMAA Class “E” Service, Steel Mill Magnet Application

Trolley Drive: Integral brakemotor mounted to a helical reducer. Standard features - Continuous duty, class "F" insulation and motor thermostats.

Accessories: Auxiliary hoists, flame hardened drums & sheaves, centralized lube systems, outdoor & hazardous locations, eddy current brakes, weigh systems, power limit switches, base-mount design, stainless wire rope, rotating lower blocks, anti-sway reeving, foot-mounted trolley components, operator cabs, below hook devices such as grabs, buckets, spreaders & magnets.

120 Dual Hoist with 30 Ton Auxiliary Hoist. Low Headroom

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